The Shai Project: txt & drive, killr idea.


I have often wondered in my thirty-two years spent in radio what my legacy would be. What on air antics, or sports broadcast would I most be remembered for ...but as parents we have but one legacy. We have one thing that the world will inevitably judge us by ...our children.

On May 6th, 2011 while going to get pizza, less than two miles from our home, my seventeen year old daughter rounded a curve and hit a tree while Texting and Driving. Taken from the world in the blink of an eye while putting thumb to keypad. Gone?.

Legacy, what one leaves behind to be remembered by. Shai Lane McNeal Boone will be remembered for the lives she changed with but a simple smile. She will also be remembered for the life she gave to others by being an organ donor; but I think what most she will be remembered for is the lives she will save with but one simple message from The Shai Project; Txt & Drive. Killr Idea.

Daddy <3 s Shai

I, the Undersigned do hereby pledge and agree to the following terms and conditions and enter into the following agreement on my own volition. I agree and understand that there are dangers and risks associated with using an electronic hand held device while operating a motor vehicle.

The undersigned agrees and understands that risks include, but are not limited to the following: Injuries to self, injury to others, death to self, death to others. I understand that I may be held responsible for a wreck caused by using a hand held device while operating a motor vehicle.

By execution of this Agreement, the Undersigned agrees to protect lives by:

• Not using a cell phone or any other electronic hand held device while operating a motor vehicle.
• Being a good passenger and speaking up if the driver of the vehicle is distracted.
• Encouraging family and friends to drive phone free.
• Pulling over to a secure location if the use of a cell phone or hand held device is required.
• Wearing a safety belt – it could mean the difference between life & death in the event of an accident.
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-Txting drivrs are 23X mor likely to be in a crash.
-71% of people, age 18-49 admit they txt or tlk while drivn.

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Nov. 22nd - "Killr Comedy" Cinci, OH. 20th Cen Thtr.

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Shai died at 17 while txtn & drivn. Shai lives on - in the 175 people her organs & tissues helped, and with the msg of the Shai Prjct.

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